What is the pattern? Pattern is the designed way of making things happen. For example, A pattern for drawing a sketch or an art requires some steps from stroking to shading. So in order to draw a masterpiece the pattern needs to be followed in the exact way. And what is the exact way? Know the pattern.



First think about why we need to know the pattern as we are good enough living our normal lives, but why?

This phenomenon is well understood if there is really a need to know. With confusions in mind about what you should do at a given situation, your decision, your future and the conclusion. If we know it all, we can actually relate to what we were born to do. Living life in the wrong way will only cause problems to life, if we are strong enough to handle every problem in life we wouldn’t have noticed suicides or mental depression. Hence, we are not as we do need answers from life at some point of time in life. And life has all the answers you need. It could be a question regarding your life partner, an answer to your worries, or the future of your child. Know the pattern, and right things will fall your way. And the best part is that you start doing the right things unintentionally. It will make you understand the pattern, the way and once you know it, intentionally you can make right things happen to you and the people around you.




This page is under observation, please implement what you have learned so far.


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