Why to see, what to know, and how to confirm is a way you can relate to this written way of life. And what you learn, is extraordinary and surprising. When you look around yourself what do you see? Trees, your phone, people, your room, home, emotions, a little smile which tells, you can do it. You may never know the destination but what you can know from the universe will take you to your destination. When we look around, we start observing. And when we observe we remember it. So, what we forget is what we see. We forget how the trees were waiving, how many icons does your phone have, how many people you have talked to today and it goes the same for the instances when you saw and didn’t observe. If you had observed, you remember how the leaves of the tree were waiving, how many people have you met today, and simply don’t start counting the icons of your phone now, it is not required. What we need to observe, is what we require.


How to know if, what we are observing is what we should observe? Observe everything. It is challenging, but if you want to know the reality and truth. You can overcome this challenge because you want to know the reason why it is happening and what you should do at that particular moment. Right decision, Right moment, Right person, Right ladder and what to say, you will know it all.

If you have a lavished lifestyle where you don’t have to think much while making a decision, its good for you. But if you don’t then consider a situation where you have to make a decision and you don’t know if its right? You assume all the possible outcomes or the worst case scenario and you just make it. How to know if the decision you’re going to make is the best? Let’s leave our egos behind and think for a moment.

Life has a pattern on which it flows, some unknowingly catch it and some don’t. This pattern is designed separately for everyone. So what is this pattern of life? The right way of happening things, events, time. So is the pattern an actual way of our lives? Yes. And why we should know the actual way? Because, it’s written. Hence we will face less problems in our lives. We just have to learn to time our decisions. Yes, we don’t actually make our decisions as we time them. We would take more time to make a decision where we didn’t think of a situation that well. As we didn’t observe, that decision can create a diversion from the pattern. And due to this diversion we tend to lose time as every second of this pattern is important. It is not necessary that the problems we might face will be related to the decision we have to make. For example, choosing not to talk to a person in your life is what you have decided. The actual way is the opposite of what you have chosen to do. And the problems you may face in your life is just not confined to that specific person. It could be a diversion which can lead to the problems with your work, affect relations with other people, or a cramped leg while walking or running. Because it’s all energy after all. Life has a model, which runs on a pattern driven with three coordinates mentioned before (love, fear, time). You are not happy talking to that person, you’re frustrated or you just don’t like that person or whatever reason it could be. But that person is important to your life and you didn’t know that. No one knows it. But why was even the situation created where you had to take this decision? Because what you did observe, was not right. Today’s world is separated in terms of truth, lie and money. As said before, leaving your egos behind when we think about that person again there must be certain things which you did actually like or maybe the connection from where it started, the positive aura, a true vibe or honesty. It could be anything which you didn’t observe. Due to the actual way of how you have lived your life, and when you find a person completely opposite of it or has dissimilar interests you might face this challenge of acceptance. It is true that the thought of love comes from within and you cannot forcefully like a person. But that is not the complete information, and this is where the concept of perception comes in. When you try to think out of your perception you actually get to know what you could have liked and could have been an answer to your questions in life, or desires. But how to know if that person actually is a part of the pattern and not a diversion? Every single person you meet in your life is important to you and your life in every way. The only difference among the people we know  is the natural flow of time you get to spend or talk to that person. For example, Two best friends grow up with some misunderstandings and one decides to step back. So what is the actual pattern here? One shouldn’t step back, misunderstandings should be cleared out. So how to know if separation is actually written in life and sticking back to that person is actually not needed? If separation is written, then it should happen with time and not all of a sudden. We have to give chances to the people and to the situations, not to prove but to clear your facts about life. With chances we actually wait for energy levels to fill in, like the desire to keep the relation back to how it was in one’s mind. If we don’t fill the energy levels it automatically starts degrading the relation with time. If they’re meant to separate they will with time, not all of a sudden. As said, some do it unknowingly and some don’t.

If we catch the pattern well, your life will be justified. You will learn about what you think, it could be a thought, love for a person, love for a subject or how to time your decisions. With every correct decision, life compliments you. The compliment may be a small gesture or a small gift coming to you from any source or direction but you will know that the decision was right. A decision can vary among different situations. Your judgement for a second person is also a type of decision you make. You either decide to compliment that person or a thing, or you make fun of it inside your mind. These are all the decisions you make in life. Let’s understand this phenomenon with an example:

Assume an empty 3 lane road with no traffic. Now, there are 2 different cars and one has just learned how to drive. Let’s call him Peter, and the other one James who has more experience with the car and the road. Peter is enjoying the road as there is no other car which would disrupt his comfort level. He is driving at a good speed, and then he notices a car coming along and then overtakes him. Peter likes challenges in life but he feels bad about the situation so he tries to increase his speed. While James is ahead of him, Peter noticed that James is switching lanes rapidly like first in the middle then to the right, then to the left. So the ego of Peter thinks and laughs in mind like what a retard he is,” Look at the way he is driving on an empty road”.

POINT: The road had rough patches and James was trying to avoid driving on them as it is not good for the tyres of the car.

MORAL: Never judge when you yourself don’t know anything, as the person whom you might judge might not be a retard.

Conclusion: Peter ran his car over the patches while thinking and laughing at James without realizing that he himself is wrong, but still he can learn not to drive on rough patches in future. And he won’t remember a thing from what he could have learned on that day from James as he was busy thinking about the funny crazy driver and not the rough patches.

So, no one is at fault here and some won’t even notice. No one commits a mistake intentionally, the only mistake we do is to read the situation in a wrong way. We can always learn from this life, it teaches you from the beginning to the last phase. Keep your memories sharp, read the situations in the right manner and your memory will help you connect and make decisions in the right way. Because, what you learn from these situations is extraordinary and beyond this world. No one can teach you that, other than LIFE!



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