When we talk about life, what is your first thought? Think about your life for a minute now. You don’t know where to start with, or do you? Why does it have to be complicated, Why do you even need to think about it? Let me tell you why.

Life is energy, and so are you! whatever you do, feel, think is a part of energy. We all are living in a field of different energies. When it comes to the nature of life call it wind energy, solar energy, thermal energy and these are natural forms we know about. But do we know that a human or any living being has the energy form too? If not, here is what you want to know.

Energy of the Soul

The energy form we are about to discuss is the form of spirituality and the subconscious phenomenon. So, how does this energy starts to work? It has three stages to complete its cycle. It starts with a thought. Your thought is the first step to transform that energy into the other form called “Desire”. Desire is the form of true essence, if you have the true intentions for your thoughts then the energy you created gets converted into “Desire”. Desire to “Speak”, is the last stage of the energy cycle. When you actually speak or say, that energy is given to the universe. And if that thought was a question to something, this universe will serve your question an answer in the form of omens. Whatever you say or speak is the energy you give to the universe. And this universe is Live! It responds to your thoughts and also, it lets you know the reason WHY? Everything happens for a reason, every single second, minute, hours, it is written.

Life is a mystery, and full of secrets. Some choose not to say, and some just to experience it again. If we know how to walk we can certainly find out where to walk to. Anything is possible in this extraordinary world. Since, brain is the most powerful thing in this universe and has secrets that one can explore. So, choose wisely and believe in the decisions you make in your life as you cannot undo it. Whatever you experience?

In the coming chapters we will learn and discuss the theory of life. Based on different personal experiences and other factors it will certainly open up the eye of the pyramid to your life.

Just don’t forget to say THANK YOU!



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