Love and the other drugs

How does this theory of life start to function when we don’t know anything about our aim. What do you think? Is it enough what you already know? Or do we still need to explore what dwells beyond this theory of life?


What is love? Has anyone known the unknown? The true meaning lies in the nature of this universe. Love is a thought, thought comes from how you feel. Will a bad feeling give you a good thought? Certainly not. Similarly if you feel good about something, it will give you a positive thought. Love is a positive thought, with different energy levels. This is the reason why love differs from a person to person. If you find love in everything you do, you’ll be a happy person. So, why are we exactly talking about love? To know what the beginning has to offer. This is the beginning of life, “love and the other drugs”.

Theory of life is based on love, which is a good thought. So, you cannot say life is a b*tch. Why? The major difference is already stated above. How love is the beginning of life? Now consider a rotating wheel, which is driven forward by positive thoughts and it remains at rest by negative thoughts. Because we always advance further with time, and time can never be reversed till we don’t know what is beyond this theory of life. This rotating wheel is your brain which is love driven. So when you have positive thoughts, the wheel starts rotating. Subconsciously you start delivering energy to this universe. And it stops as soon as you have a negative thought. You stop the rotating wheel and the energy cycle. And why exactly do we need to deliver energy to this universe? To live.


Love shows you your correct path to walk on, if you’re true to yourself. Why has love inspired so many people to live and to succeed in life? Because universe knows the true aura of love, the purity. Love can be with any person, any material, any subject, animals or even a thought. Love is the strongest form of energy in theory of life. So how does it work?

We live in a 3 dimensional world, what we don’t see is the parallel universe. Dimensions x, y, z are similar like we have a digital representation of three-dimensional objects in our physical world. So what makes a parallel universe? The Dimension x, which is love, Dimension y is fear and the Dimension z is time. Let’s first discuss about the Dimension x, Now because we can never see love as a physical phenomenon we cannot actually see love in true form. If love was a physical phenomenon we could have easily touched it and could have changed the course of life the way we wanted. And God, would have hated that, jokes apart. The dimensions x, y, z actually belongs to the parallel universe where our children are learning the concepts of physical world implementing x, y, z coordinates. So how does the Dimension “x” determine our lives? Referring to this, assume a baby smiling at you. How can you resist smiling back to that baby? A smile is there on your face while looking at that little baby. The baby transformed the energy from the universe to you. You’re happy, and that is how energy travels and affect our lives. If you take the right energy from the universe, you get right things ahead of you. So what are the other drugs?

Yes, the picture above exactly tells the story. Love and the other drugs is just a metaphor used for the medication of your soul. You always consume these drugs in order to live this life, either produced by you or given by the other person. Relief, joy, trust, perfection, hope dreams etc are the other drugs. Anything is a drug which you cannot do on your own, and is incomplete without love. It won’t regulate the energy cycle, love and the other drugs are needed to transform energy into the universe. And this is how law of attraction works.

You get what you desire, either an answer to a question, a thing or a person from this world. It’s the purity which makes it work not the intentions. Because often you commit mistakes even if you have the right intentions.

In the next chapter we will discuss, how perception links with love and changes the course of life.

And never forget to say Thank You!


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